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Posted on: August 22, 2010 11:48 am

How the NFC West was won

All things considered, this is perhaps the weakest an division in the NFL.  As a long-time and devout Rams fan (circs 1966 when Roman Gabriel was the QB), I have watched many lambs led to slaughter with some very rewarding highlights, although few in number.  As I review the West his year I see the following as the outcome of the season unless something miraculous happens akin to the world coming to an end in 2012 as our extinct friends south of the border predicted over 200o years ago (please note: there is no disrespect intended to those south of the border).  Some things I think will happen follow:

1)  49ers at 10-6 (Smith will need to have a QB rating of 80% or better; Crabtree will boost the O if Gore gets hurt; happy times tail-gating at Candlestick; 49ers lose to the wild card team in week one of the play-offs; 49ers realize to win the SB they need a Franchise QB and Singletary will finally realize that's a their #1 priority).
2)  Cards at 7-9 (Lienert is no Steve Young but Wells will break the 1,000 yd mark while Hightower gets traded; Cards trade draft picks to get a top 5 pick in the 2011 draft to pick a QB; Fitz will not post the numbers as he'll be the nexus and focus for every D unit they face leaving Breaston the spoils and increased targets).
3)  Seahawks at 6-10 (Hasselback will end up on the DL by week 3 and Charlie will throw 15 TDs and 16 picks; the D will suffer and make the Rams D look much improved; Tate will be a surprise and Forsett will have Julius riding the pine; Pete Carroll will be "3 and out" and Notre Dame will be looking for a new coach around that time).
4)  Rams at 4-12 (Bradford will take the starting QB spot by week 4 and Jackson will again be the only Offensive weapon the Rams can count on which is a tough one for Jackson as the team might actually have an offense in 3 years when his production/value starts to decline; expect to see a whole lot better performance from the D-line and the corners if they can stay healthy.  The Rams will jell on D and find themselves feeling a lot better about their future). 

Just my two cents.
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